Students for Life of America

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    To Students for Life's 2022-2023 Pro-Life Leaders

Fellow Pro-Lifer,

The path our pro-life leaders (many of them high-schoolers or recent high-school graduates) undertake isn’t an easy one.

Even besides the long days (and nights), there’s endless confrontation with others. For most young people, that’s the tough part.

I tell them they’re going to be called names by Planned Parenthood’s pals. They’re going to be yelled at and cursed at. They’re going to face intimidation – and perhaps worse – at the hands of the Abortion Lobby’s allies on campus.

But no matter how prepared someone thinks they are for this, it’s still hard. Yet, these young people have chosen to continue this battle because they know there’s no cause more important than fighting for little preborn boys and girls.

Would you please take two minutes to write an encouraging note to the fine young men and women we’re training as part of our National Leadership Training?


Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for life of America