Students for Life of America

Show your Support for Young Pro-Lifers!

With all of the attacks pro-lifers go through on a daily basis at the hands of the Abortion Lobby, please agree to sign your “Stand Up to the Mob” Statement of Support below to show your support.

And if you can, please write a message of encouragement to our student leaders who are on the front lines fighting for the human rights issue of our time!

  • "STAND UP TO THE MOB" Statement of Support

    For Students for Life's Student Leaders

Dear Pro-Life Leader,

You have been harassed, assaulted, and been called every name in the book by pro-abortion radicals while being on the front lines every day changing hearts and minds.

I want you and every other pro-life activist out there to know that we are united, and that we have their backs no matter what pro-abortion radicals may try to do to us.

I urge you to do all you can to stand strong for Life in the face of all the ugly attacks you’re experiencing right now.

The Abortion Lobby knows that if they can silence our work, there will be NO ONE left to challenge the stranglehold they currently have on America’s young people.

We need strong, fearless leaders to fight for the preborn and turn America’s young people against abortion now more than ever, so I urge you to please continue to be strong in the face of attacks, and know the entire pro-life movement supports you!

Keep speaking the TRUTH about abortion!