Petition to Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and pro-abortion politicians

Whereas: Two Students for Life leaders were arrested and charged with defacing property for peacefully writing a pro-life message in chalk on public sidewalks; and

Whereas: Mayor Bowser has opened up a pandora’s box for political messages by ordering “BLACK LIVES MATTER” be painted on the street near the White House; and

Whereas: Washington, D.C. officials stood down when protesters also painted “DEFUND THE POLICE” next to Mayor Bowser’s mural; and

Whereas: Students for Life simply wanted to write a pro-life message in front of Planned Parenthood – an organization founded by a blatant racist and eugenicist (Margaret Sanger) that continues to target minority communities for abortion;

Therefore: I insist you drop all charges against these peaceful pro-life students. Apply free speech rights equally and STOP censoring pro-lifers.