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We hope you enjoy – and use – the FREE 10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Pro-Life Guidebook!

As you may know, Students for Life is a 100% grassroots-funded organization.

We rely on the generosity of pro-lifers like you to continue and expand our critical work, including:

>>> Countering Planned Parenthood’s propaganda and exposing the TRUTH about abortion on campuses.

The Abortion Lobby knows if they can convince young people that preborn babies are nothing more than a “clump of cells,” they’ll be able to commit more abortions.

But when young people learn the truth – that from the moment of conception these little babies are unique, whole human beings with their own distinct DNA and have intrinsic value – minds are changed.
In fact, SFLA changes the minds of about 15% of students we reach on campus each day.

>>> Training and equipping the next generation of pro-life leaders.

Over the last 18 years since Students for Life’s founding, we’ve trained over 200,000 young, pro-life leaders. Last school year, we held 1,100 student trainings and hosted 3,000+ mentorship meetings.

We’re equipping pro-life young people with the tools they need to answer the “tough” questions from their peers about abortion and, ultimately, change hearts and minds every day on campuses. In addition, these kids are now taking the fight for Life to their local neighborhoods and state capitols.

>>> Serving mothers and saving preborn babies from abortion.

Over the past year, our team has been honored to save at least 50 babies on campuses (that we know of). Not only that, but our Standing With You Initiative recently delivered over 80,000 diapers to pro-life pregnancy resource centers to help moms in need.

We’re on campuses and in communities every day helping meet the practical needs of mothers, so they never feel forced into obtaining an abortion.

There is so much at stake in 2024.

Pro-abortion radicals are more extreme – and more emboldened – than ever before.

Will you please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible contribution of $250, $100, or $50 to help us continue our mind-changing and life-saving work?

Even if you can only chip in $10 or $25 today, your support will make a HUGE impact!

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