Students for Life of America

Whereas: President Joe Biden’s FDA has allowed pharmacies to “opt-in” to selling deadly Chemical Abortion Pills; and

Whereas: CVS and Walgreens are eager to cash in on these dangerous pills despite the Supreme Court being set to hear oral arguments on the rushed approval of these pills on March 26th; and

Whereas: A study from 2021 found a 507% increase between 2002 and 2015 in emergency room visits following chemical abortions with the pill Mifepristone, according to an analysis of Medicaid data; and

Whereas: A second study from 2022 showed how complications due to chemical abortions are frequently misclassified as miscarriages and pose a “significant risk factor for a subsequent hospital admission;” and

Whereas: Chemical Abortion Pills not only kill preborn babies and poison the women who ingest them, but they enter our sewage system along with fetal remains, poisoning America’s water supply, and damaging the environment!

Therefore: I demand that you CEASE AND DESIST your pharmacies plans to sell Chemical Abortion Pills and demand that you STOP carrying these dangerous drugs!

  • “CEASE AND DESIST” Petition to CVS and Walgreens

    TO: Tim Wentworth, CEO of Walgreens
    Karen S. Lynch, CEO of CVS