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Tell Senator McCaskill: Confirm Brett Kavanaugh!

We have a tremendous opportunity to confirm another great justice in the mold of the late Justice Scalia.

But, we need your help. Senator Claire McCaskill is asking constituents to send her their thoughts on Brett Kavanaugh.

Will you sign the petition TODAY to tell Senator McCaskill to confirm Brett Kavanaugh?

Kavanaugh is a principled and fair jurist who will make sure all sides have a fair hearing.

He has a record of ruling in favor of free-speech, religious liberty, and ruling against the abortion lobby.

He is well-respected across the legal community, with endorsements from both conservative and liberal professors, attorneys, and politicians.

That’s why we need you to sign the petition today to tell Senator McCaskill to CONFIRM Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court:

  • Confirm Brett Kavanaugh!

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