Students for Life of America

The pro-abortion national media launched a vicious smear campaign against the students from Covington Catholic High School simply for standing their ground after the March for Life.

Please sign your Statement of Support for these students below. And if you could take a moment to write a personal note, we’ll be sure to deliver it to them!

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    I, the undersigned, stand with you, the students from Covington Catholic High School, in the face of an unprecedented smear campaign launched by the pro-abortion national media.

    The full video showed Covington students kept their cool in the face of homophobic slurs, racist attacks, and even a professional protester beating a drum inches away from their faces.

    Yet the national media and Hollywood celebrities continue to pile on. Covington students have had their lives turned upside down and are facing death threats after being “doxxed” on social media.

    So I am signing my name below to show that I have your back in the face of this public firestorm.