Students for Life of America

Don’t Censor Pro-Life Students Petition

To: College Administrators, Deans, and Presidents

Whereas: Despite their claims of “tolerance” the radical pro-abortion Left is doing everything in their power to silence pro-life voices; and

Whereas: College administrators across the nation regularly push pro-abortion propaganda yet censor and shut down pro-life voices on campus; and

Whereas: Pro-abortion groups continue vandalizing pro-life displays and at times assault pro-life students to try and intimidate the pro-life students to stop speaking altogether; and

Whereas: Too often, school administrators look the other way when pro-life voices are shushed on campus; and

Whereas: When they’re simply shown the facts about abortion, the truth behind Planned Parenthood’s lies, and the negative consequences of abortion on both the mother and child, young people agree that abortion should be banned or at least severely restricted;

Therefore: I urge this college to stand strong in the face of these threats of violence and support the rights of pro-life groups to speak freely on campus.

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