Students for Life of America

Halt Pharmacy Abortions!

The reckless effort to coerce medical professionals into the business of abortion, especially regarding the distribution of Chemical Abortion Pills for profit, is headed to neighborhood pharmacies like yours. Corporate abortion advocates have used the FDA to reduce health and safety standards (REMS – Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) for the distribution of the two-pill combination that in the United States is used to end preborn life in the womb.

But the risks they are willing to accept to further their business interests could result in injuries to patients that you – as a pharmacist, pharmacy business owner, or corporate executive – could be held accountable for, with business ending, license-revoking results, along with felony prosecution.

Our organization and others will be drawing the public’s attention to the fact that life-affirming care is an option that can be chosen by staying out of the business of abortion. We will be highlighting chains and stores that choose to focus on that which extends life – not ends life.

In light of all the medical and legal risks associated with Chemical Abortion Pills, we urge you to refrain from distributing Chemical Abortion Pills and decline to Opt-In as required by the REMS for legal sales in the U.S.


Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America/Students for Life Action

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