Students for Life of America

Petition to: The Presidents of Christian colleges with ties to Planned Parenthood or promote abortion

Whereas: Planned Parenthood has infiltrated many Christian colleges and universities; and

Whereas: At least 25 Christian colleges have developed friendly relationships with the Abortion Goliath, with some endorsing Planned Parenthood as “a trusted resource;” and

Whereas: Planned Parenthood’s goal is to ensure Christian, college-age young adults do not bat an eyelash at (or worse, encourage) abortions; and

Whereas: If Planned Parenthood succeeds in co-opting Christians, abortions will never be abolished in the United States.

Therefore: I urge you to kick Planned Parenthood off Christian campuses!


Christian and Catholic Schools with Ties to Planned Parenthood

American University (D.C.), Methodist
Augsburg University (MN), Lutheran
Augustana College (IL), Lutheran
California Lutheran University (CA), Lutheran
Drury University (MO), United Church of Christ
Eckerd College (FL), Presbyterian
Emory University (GA), Methodist Episcopal
Fordham University (NY), Catholic
Luther College (IA), Lutheran
Macalester College (MN), Presbyterian
McKendree University (IL), United Methodist
Messiah College (PA), Brethren in Christ (VICTORY!)
New Brunswick Theological Seminary (NJ)
Ohio Wesleyan (OH), United Methodist
Oklahoma City University (OK), United Methodist
Paine College (GA), Methodist
Roanoke College (VA), Lutheran
Saint Francis University (PA), Catholic (VICTORY!)
Saint Joseph’s University (PA), Catholic
Saint Norbert College (WI), Catholic (VICTORY!)
Southwestern University (TX), United Methodist
Trinity Washington University (D.C.), Catholic
University of Indianapolis (IN), United Methodist
University of Lynchburg (VA), Disciples of Christ
West Virginia Wesleyan (WV), United Methodist