No Abortion Drugs on Campus


The California legislature is actively considering SB 320: a dangerous bill that would force state university health clinics to dispense deadly RU-486 abortion pills on campus. News reports document that RU-486 abortion pills have already killed 14 women (4 of them in California), injured 1,200, and caused adverse effects for 2,200 others. Additionally, RU-486 pills have been slipped into young women’s drinks to trick them into having abortions against their will.

If this bill is passed, California state universities would also be placed under tremendous liability whenever a young student experiences complications from the abortion drugs dispensed on campus. This burden would be passed onto California taxpayers, who would be forced to pay for expensive liability insurance and perhaps massive legal settlements. This liability risk factors into the two California state university systems refusing to support SB 320.

Sign the petition TODAY telling California legislators to vote NO on SB 320! We need to reach at least 25,000 Californians who oppose pushing dangerous abortion drugs onto college campuses at taxpayer expense, endangering tens of thousands of young women.

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