Tell the Senate to confirm Judge Gorsuch!

Pro-Life Supreme Court petition

Whereas: The Abortion Lobby will do everything it can to stop the nomination of a pro-life U.S. Supreme Court Justice in the mold of Justice Scalia; and
Whereas: The nomination of Judge Gorsuch represents President Trump’s first promise kept to pro-lifers; and
Whereas: Pro-lifers have been betrayed in the past by Supreme Court nominees who have hidden their views; and
Whereas: Judge Gorsuch has consistently stood for life – issuing decisions siding with Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor against ObamaCare mandates that they cover abortifacient drugs; and
Whereas: Gorsuch also wrote in his doctoral dissertation that, “human life is fundamentally and inherently valuable” while speaking of assisted suicide and euthanasia;
Therefore: On behalf of pro-lifers across America, I urge you to confirm Judge Gorsuch to fill Justice Scalia’s seat on the U.S. Supreme Court!
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