Tell Pro-Life Student Students “Thank You!” for Standing up for Preborn Life

On April 11th, pro-life students from more than 400 middle schools, high schools, and colleges walked out of their classrooms to peacefully protest Planned Parenthood and pray to end abortion.

Our goal was to try to save preborn lives and call out the national media for their hypocrisy.

Unlike recent school walkouts pushed by Democrat politicians, the #ProLifeWalkout was largely blacked out by the national media because it didn’t fall into their narrative.

Even worse, I’ve received messages from students who had detention for participating in the #ProLifeWalkout or were banned by pro-abortion school administrators from exercising pro-life free speech.

This double standard has to end.

Please sign your name to tell these courageous pro-life students “Thank You!” for standing up for what’s right and being part of the generation that will abolish abortion in their lifetime.

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