Students for Life of America

#ProLifeWalkout Statement of Support

To: Pro-Life Student Leaders

Whereas:  The pro-abortion national media fawns over high school students who fit their narrative; and

Whereas:  A Sacramento, California high school teacher was suspended for simply asking if pro-life students would get the same treatment if they were protesting abortion; and

Whereas:  The April 11th #ProLifeWalkout campaign is going viral online; and

Whereas:  Students for Life of America has more than 1,200 active pro-life groups and is the most effective national organization at mobilizing pro-life youth;

Whereas:  The abortion industry led by Planned Parenthood targets this generation for their predatory create-a-customer business cycle; and

Whereas:  A fourth of this young generation has been taken from us by abortion; and

Therefore:  As a pro-lifer, I fully support your efforts to give the media a taste of their own medicine by walking out of classrooms in protest of the travesty of abortion.

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