Students for Life of America

The University of Houston recently unveiled an 18-foot Satanic statue on their campus.

The golden statue called “Witness” – complete with goat-horn braids and tentacle-like arms – is meant to “celebrate” abortion.

Students for Life has fought back against this monstrous statue by placing 1,075 pink crosses on campus to represent the number of preborn boys and girls that die each day from the violence of abortion.

But the sinister statue is STILL THERE!

We need to put even more pressure on them to have it removed!

Please, join Students for Life in urging the University of Houston Board of Regents to remove this figure from campus immediately!

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Petition to: The University of Houston’s Board of Regents

Whereas: The University of Houston is allowing this 18-foot statue representing abortion to tower over its students; and

Whereas: The Satanic Temple preys on young people and coaches them on how to perform abortion rituals; and

Whereas: The Abortion Lobby has locked arms with evil and displays it on campuses like the University of Houston across America.

Therefore:  I insist the University of Houston REMOVE the Satanic abortion statue imposing their campus!