Students for Life of America

Dear Students for Life Supporter,

I know you’ve seen the reports of the cancel culture mob running roughshod over America’s campuses.

But I’m afraid it’s worse than you could imagine.

It’s gotten so bad that we’ve even had to file a LAWSUIT against Noblesville High School in Indiana for BANNING a pro-life student from starting a Students for Life group on campus.

This brave freshman student – who I’ll call E.D. since she’s a minor and this is an ongoing legal case – jumped through every bureaucratic hoop school administrators threw at her.

And despite approving student groups including the Young Democrats and the Gender and Sexual Alliance (again, this is a high school!), after months of trying to start her pro-life group, E.D. was DENIED club status and school participation.

From that point on, she told us that teachers retaliated against her for her pro-life views – calling her “bigoted” and “misogynistic” on social media. When we asked her why she decided to take this stand for the voiceless, she said:

“I wanted to start this club to inspire like-minded students to advocate for our most vulnerable and point students to resources designed to uplift them in their time of need. I knew some people would disagree with me, but I never expected to be attacked online – especially by my teachers.”

Will you please help me send a note of encouragement to E.D., the courageous high school freshman who’s going up against her school administration by starting a Students for Life group on her campus?

After you sign your name, please consider making a generous tax-deductible gift to help Students for Life fight the pro-abortion mob in court.

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