High School Students for Life Leader Punched in the Face!

WARNING: The video below is graphic

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On Saturday, December 2nd, a Students for Life of America High School Fellow, Purity Thomas, and three members of Liberty University’s Students for Life group were peacefully sidewalk counseling outside of the Roanoke, Virginia Planned Parenthood. These students gather weekly outside of the Planned Parenthood on Saturdays, the day this location commits abortions, praying for women who enter the building and offering resources and support for other options besides abortion.

At approximately 8:30 AM, a woman confronted our Students for Life leaders and began threatening them, saying she would beat them up and “f*ck them up.”

The woman first stole a sign that said “All people are made in the image of God” from one of our student leaders. She started walking away, but then returned, and tried to steal another sign, before punching 15 year-old high school Students for Life leader, Purity Thomas, in the face, causing her to stumble and fall to the ground.

Our Students for Life leaders acted quickly and called the police. Police reports have been filed. The assailant remains unidentified.


1.) Send a message to Purity. We are gathering messages of support for Purity as she heals from this vicious attack. Please leave Purity a message of support.

2.) Pray. This act of violence against a group of peaceful pro-life students who were outside a Planned Parenthood offering love and support to pregnant women serves as a sad reflection on the state of debate today. It’s horrific that a minor expressing love for pregnant women was targeted for violence. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. Across the country, we are witnessing a rise incidents of vandalism and violence against peaceful pro-life speech. Pray that the assailant from today’s attack is brought to justice swiftly. Pray for a quick recovery for Purity, who had to go to the hospital today for her injuries, including a concussion. And also pray for the protection of all of our Students for Life leaders across the nation who volunteer their time to speak for the innocent, preborn children and their mothers.