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    To Cal-Berkeley Students for Life member Isabella Chow

Fellow Pro-Lifer,

Isabella Chow, a member of the Students for Life group at the University of California-Berkeley has come under attack for her Christian beliefs.

LGBT protesters are trying to force her resignation from the Student Senate because she simply abstained from a vote that would have condemned the Trump administration for considering a legal definition of gender that would match a person’s sex at birth — either male of female.

More than 1,000 people on campus have signed a petition demanding she resign and hundreds of protesters packed a recent Student Senate meeting.

Isabella has received threats and the student newspaper refused to run her op-ed explaining her Christian beliefs.

This is all with the goal to censor anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their radical viewpoints.

Would you please take a moment to write an encouraging note to one of our pro-life student leaders, Isabella Chow?


Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for life of America