*** 2022 National Pro-Life Summit ***

Dear Pro-Life Friend,

Two of the biggest events on our annual calendar are happening back-to-back in just a matter of days.

First, the 2022 National Pro-Life March in Washington, D.C. – the largest gathering of pro-lifers in the world – is this Friday, January 21st.

Then, our second National Pro-Life Summit is the very next day!

But we just got a massive wrench thrown in our plans.

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (who we’ve had run-ins with in the past and are currently suing for arresting two Students for Life leaders as they sidewalk chalked "Black Preborn Lives Matter" on a public sidewalk) has slapped a citywide vaccine mandate on restaurants, bars, and events including our National Pro-Life Summit.

This announcement came just days ago – after the hold on our backup hotel was released – leaving us with little to no options.

But as you can imagine, it’s flat-out impossible to move an event with 2,000 attendees traveling from all across the nation that we have been planning for months on such short notice.

I’m afraid we were only facing two options, either:
  1.     Comply with Washington, D.C.’s vaccine mandate (which we can do if we’re able to provide testing for those who haven’t been vaccinated or can’t prove it); or
  2.     Postpone and/or cancel the National Pro-Life Summit.
I’d NEVER want to cancel this event – not with so many students already booking their hotel and travel and with so much at stake for the Pro-Life Movement in 2022.

After countless hours of prayer and counsel with our team, we came to the conclusion that we simply MUST keep the Pro-Life Summit on as planned.

The good news is, as I mentioned, Washington, D.C.’s mandate does include a clause to allow for religious exemptions…with just one catch – attendees with religious exemptions MUST show proof of a negative PCR or antigen test within 24 hours before the Summit begins.

Knowing that this hurdle may be enough to keep some (perfectly healthy) attendees from showing up, we placed an order for 2,000 rapid tests and are offering free testing for attendees on Friday through registration on Saturday morning.

As you can imagine, spending $22,728.38 on COVID tests was NOT an expense I planned for in our budget…

But knowing how critical this Summit is to the future of this Pro-Life Generation, I NEVER want to turn away a young woman or man who’s eager to join our cause for Life.

Needless to say, after arresting our students for chalking sidewalks and now this, Washington, D.C. has certainly sent the message that the Pro-Life Generation is not welcome. We’re going to take that message into consideration in the future. But for now, my only choice is to press ahead.

Pro-Life Friend, would you please prayerfully consider making your most generous tax-deductible contribution possible to help us fund our National Pro-Life Summit?

With your support, Students for Life will equip 2,000 students (and hundreds of adults) with the tools they need to become grassroots leaders on their campuses and in their communities.

Needless to say, while we’ve been planning each of these events for nearly a year, it is always overwhelming the closer we get to “show time” – making sure all of our signs are delivered on time, conference speakers are lined up, students know where to go and when to be there, and all the rest.

And with the added chaos of distributing self-administered COVID tests to hundreds of attendees, this year’s Summit will be even more hectic for our team!

In years past, I’ve offered up to 700 scholarships to the best and brightest pro-life students to attend our valuable training.

We’ve been flooded with hundreds of applicants this year, but with all the additional costs I’m facing due to the sheer size of this event, I’m just not able to offer one to every deserving student.

Today, I’m praying you’ll help me equip these young women and men (middle school, high school, college and home school students) with the tools they need to grow their pro-life groups and change hearts and minds for life.

At the National Pro-Life Summit, students will hear from the top speakers in the Pro-Life Movement including former Vice President Mike Pence, Alveda King, Michael Knowles from the Daily Wire, Liz Wheeler, and much more!

Not only that, but they’ll participate in up to three workshop tracks, including:


Attendees will be prepared to lead in a post-Roe America in all areas of influence including on their campuses, in the media, politics, medicine, and law that will shape our nation.


Attendees will learn the best ways to communicate and connect with their peers. We’ll teach them how to dismantle pro-abortion propaganda and change minds for Life through one-on-one conversations.


It’s critical we continue to serve young mothers in crisis and empower them to carry their children and not fall prey to Planned Parenthood’s propaganda. In this track, students will learn how to connect young mothers in need with the resources and support systems they need to carry and raise their child.

Pro-Life Friend, this is just a taste of what we have planned for our National Pro-Life Summit next weekend!

I know I’ve asked you for a lot lately.

And I know not everyone can give to every project Students for Life launches.

But I also know you understand just how critical it is we train the future leaders in the pro-life movement.

That’s why I hope you’ll please prayerfully consider sponsoring one or more students to attend the National Pro-Life Summit with your generous tax-deductible contribution today.

As I mentioned, “thanks” to Washington, D.C.’s mayor and the inflation under President Biden, our costs to host the National Pro-Life Summit have increased.

But I think you’ll agree it’s critical we train as many young people as possible – both to prepare for this year and the post-Roe America soon to come!

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For Life,

Kristan Hawkins

President, Students for Life of America

P.S.- Our National Pro-Life Summit is coming up in just a matter of days, and I don’t have enough sponsors for all of the deserving students who have registered. Not only that, but the Washington, D.C. Mayor, Muriel Bowser (D), has imposed draconian restrictions that are driving up our costs and turning our plans upside down. Will you please click here to sponsor a student with a $75 tax-deductible contribution?