Stop the Abortion Cartel!

President Biden knows that the more blood money he stuffs into the pockets of American corporations, the more likely it is his pro-abortion pals will lock down their support for generations.

That’s why, President Biden’s FDA issued a new declaration that any pharmacy that wants to can begin doling out abortion pills.

Now, Walgreens’, CVS’, and Rite Aid’s corporate leaders have already rushed to join the abortion cartel, announcing that they can’t wait until chemical abortion pills start flying off their store shelves!

That’s why I’m counting on you to electronically sign your “HAVE A HEART!” postcard to Walgreens CEO Rosalind Brewer, CVS CEO Karen Lynch, and Rite Aid CEO Elizabeth Burr.

Rosalind Brewer
CEO Walgreens Boots Alliance

Rosalind Brewer

Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch

Elizabeth Burr
CEO (Interim) Rite Aid

Elizabeth Burr

Have a Heart!

To: Rosalind Brewer, CEO Walgreens
Karen Lynch, CEO CVS, and
Elizabeth Burr, CEO Rite Aid

Your rush to join the abortion cartel and turn pharmacies nationwide into abortion mills by selling chemical abortion pills is an act of gross negligence at the highest level.

Chemical abortion pills deliberately kill preborn babies by starving them of necessary hormones – they can also lead to injury, infertility, and death for women, as well as exposing them to abusers using the drugs on mothers, without their knowledge or consent.

It is disgusting to believe you would agree to the abhorrent practice of “cashing in” of the killing of innocent lives!

I demand you immediately CEASE AND DESIST from turning local pharmacies into abortion mills.

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