Students for Life of America

Over the past two years, we’ve seen a massive spike in vandalism of our pro-life displays.

At Baldwin Wallace University (a Methodist college in Ohio) our “When Do Human Rights Begin” sign was stolen. This was after our SFLA group was banned by the LGBTQ group from participating in “Sex Week” because showing the harmful effects of abortion on women wasn’t “sex positive” enough for them!

Our “Cemetery of Innocents” displays – hundreds of tiny crosses representing the lives lost to abortion every year – have been destroyed on campuses including Northern Kentucky University, Saint Louis University (a Catholic school), and Southern Methodist University just to name a few.

At Portland State University, vandals threw red paint at us, ruining our “We Don’t Need Planned Parenthood” display. And masked vandals at Ohio University destroyed our signs.

Pro-abortion activists are resorting to violence and intimidation tactics to maintain their iron grip on college campuses.

And they know that Students for Life is the biggest threat to Planned Parenthood and their pals in the Abortion Lobby as we continue to grow a Pro-Life Generation.

Please sign your STOP THE VANDALISM AGAINST PRO-LIFERS petition to show that you stand with our pro-life leaders who are on the front lines of this battle for the culture.

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