Dear Students for Life of America,

We were just attacked in California!

As part of our “No Woman Stands Alone…in a Post-Roe America” National Tour, one of our Students for Life chapters had their pro-life display ruthlessly destroyed.

A pro-abortion radical saw our students sharing pro-life resources and exposing Planned Parenthood’s lies and was so enraged that they charged our display.

They kicked our preborn baby models – the most expensive but most effective tool at changing minds and saving lives – into the storm drains!

Our team even had to sign a citizen’s arrest to stop this unhinged pro-abortion radical.

I wish I could tell you that the discrimination and abuse our pro-life students face doesn’t happen.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more common.

In fact, this is just one case of many where our preborn baby models are stolen – including at the University of Cincinnati that I reported to you last fall and multiple thefts on campuses this spring.

With everything going on around the country, the pro-abortion cancel culture mob is more emboldened than ever.

So, will you please click here to sign your STAND UP TO THE MOB statement of support, showing you stand with pro-life students who are being targeted?

Planned Parenthood and their pals in politics and universities are pulling out all of the stops to silence courageous pro-life students.

They scream at, threaten, and even attack anyone who exposes their lies.

As I’ve always said, people don’t resort to these tactics when they think they’re winning.

Just take a look at some of what we deal with every day:

>>> At Xavier University – a Catholic school – where one pro-abortion student yelled that she wished she could “abort me” during my speech because she claimed that I was nothing more than a “clump of cells,” just like all preborn babies.

>>> On the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, where one of our staff members was punched in the face for simply showing support for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

>>> At the University of Michigan, the University of Houston, Miami University (Ohio) and dozens of other schools where our Cemetery of Innocents displays were destroyed. This display commemorates the 972 lives lost each day at the hands of Planned Parenthood abortionists and shows the unavoidable truth and real-life impact of abortion.

>>> At the so-called “Women’s March” where pro-abortion “feminists” ripped up our signs, spray-painted our students and an iPhone in an attempt to get us to stop recording their antics, and told us we weren’t welcome because we were standing up for ALL women – born and preborn.

>>> At Winona State University in Minnesota, where our pro-life leader, Jamie, was bullied and harassed by pro-abortion protesters. One of the heckling students was even caught on audio saying, “When you get raped and get rid of your child, I’m going to laugh, b—-!”

>>> Pro-life students receiving constant threats and harassment
. “Genuinely you should’ve been aborted.” “I hope you get hit by a car.” “Wanna come with me to curb stomp this p.o.s.”… these are only a handful of recent “fan mail” we’ve received from pro-abortion radicals.

Our students need to know someone has their back now more than ever.

So, please click here to sign your STAND UP TO THE MOB statement of support, showing you’re right behind our pro-life students cheering them on!

When you click, you’ll see an optional field where you can write an encouraging message to our pro-life students facing discrimination and persecution.

And after you sign, please also consider chipping in a generous tax-deductible gift of $100, $50, $25, or at least $10 to help us replace the preborn baby models that were kicked down the storm drain in California.

As I mentioned, these are the most expensive tool on our National Tour – costing around $300 per set – but there’s no better way to change hearts and minds than to EXPOSE Planned Parenthood’s lies and show young people what preborn life really looks like.

Thank you so much for all you do to support Life!

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America

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