Support Abortion Survivors


With Planned Parenthood’s allies financing pro-abortion referendums on ballots in every state they can this election year, Students for Life is launching our massive “Almost Aborted” Campaign starting with a massive event in Times Square FRIDAY, June 7!

With this campaign, we’re telling the stories of men and women who only narrowly escaped abortionists’ blades – stories the Abortion Lobby wants to keep swept under the rug.

But with time so short, I’m counting on you to help make it happen. Your signed Statement will help encourage more men and women to come forward and speak out.

Add Your Name to Send a Message to Potential “Almost Aborted” Campaign Storytellers!

“You’re Valued!”

Statement to Potential “Almost Aborted” Campaign Storytellers


Dear Friend,

You are a human being who was created in God’s image, and nothing the Abortion Lobby, the press, or politicians in either party say about your worth as a human being will ever change that.

You are valued and your personal story is valuable – especially with the Abortion Lobby scheming to impose radical pro-abortion laws on the country via referendum.

I want you to know you have my support – and my full encouragement – to speak out about your story. And I appreciate you considering doing so.